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Army XML Hoster V2

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Compatibility: Armed Assault(1/2/3) | Operation Arrowhead | TaKe On Helicopters.

Squad Hoster V2
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    Frequently asked Questions:

    [ Army Image ] ^

    Question1. What dimension and what file extension is required?

    [ Login ] ^

    Question1. I cannot login in it gives me an error?

    [ Sign up ] ^

    Question1. What is the check button for?
    Question2. Why is there no submit button on the sign-up form?

    [ Step-by-Step Guide to Create a army XML ] ^

    Question1. Ho do I create a army XML with nothing going wrong?

    [ XML Creation ] ^

    Question1. I have a problem getting the xml to work ingame?
    Question2. Can I leave the army nick name tag blank?
    Question3. Where can I find my ArmA Player ID?
    Question4. What do i do if i change my player name ingame?
    Question5. How can I embed the Army\'s XML in my homepage?
    You either link to it or embed it via i-frame: