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Army XML Hoster V2

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Compatibility: Armed Assault(1/2/3) | Operation Arrowhead | TaKe On Helicopters.

Squad Hoster V2
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    Frequently asked Questions:

    [ Army Image ] ^

    Question1. What dimension and what file extension is required?

    [ Login ] ^

    Question1. I cannot login in it gives me an error?

    [ Sign up ] ^

    Question1. What is the check button for?
    Question2. Why is there no submit button on the sign-up form?

    [ Step-by-Step Guide to Create a army XML ] ^

    Question1. Ho do I create a army XML with nothing going wrong?
    1. Register with the Army XML Hoster system and click on the link sent with the confirmation e-mail and log in.
    2. After logging in, click Create Army Link at the top of the page.
    3. Fill in all information fields you may wish to look at this image to get what it all means and submit the form thats your army created.
    4. Now its time to create a player to do so Click the Create Player Link at the top of the page.
    5. Fill in all information fields you may wish to look at this image to get what it all means. The entries must be identical to the Player nick name and your ArmA ID.
    6. After registering all players, update the get the XML link by clicking on "Profile" and then clicking your created army's name Now you can pass the XML link to your players, who have to insert it into their ArmA Profile
    7. Done.

    Note: All data is being stored on our server. The contents will be loaded automatically when the player who has inserted the link into his profile is connecting to a server.


    [ XML Creation ] ^

    Question1. I have a problem getting the xml to work ingame?
    Question2. Can I leave the army nick name tag blank?
    Question3. Where can I find my ArmA Player ID?
    Question4. What do i do if i change my player name ingame?
    Question5. How can I embed the Army\'s XML in my homepage?
    Question6. How do i add a player to my army?

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